Shaped by tradition – designed in Denmark

Nous collaborons avec les meilleurs designers danois et nous avons nos propres tapissiers qui maîtrisent pleinement ce métier riche en traditions. Notre approche créative du design se traduit par plusieurs collections annuelles qui, tout en faisant appel au classique et au moderne, mélangent l'ensemble de manière innovante. De la tapisserie extérieure à la structure intérieure nous garantissons la qualité élevée, raison pour laquelle nos meubles sont toujours au goût du consommateur amateur de design.


Hans Thyge & Co

Hans Thyge & Co has 25 years of internationally activity and is located in Denmark and China. The founder of the studio Hans Thyge Raunkjaer is official member of examination teams on the design and architects schools in Denmark selected by the Danish National Academy. The studio also has a frequent teaching and lecturing activity on Danish and International universities and design schools. The studio is published widely and has received numerous prizes for their design.


Jacob Würtzen

Jacob Würtzen, born in 1970 in Glostrup, graduated from the School of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1996. He established his own architect office in Copenhagen in 1999, and was joined the following year by his spouse and co-partner, architect Sünje Rüter. In the spirit of his idols and predecessors of Danish modern, Jacob is combining the experience and care of being a practicing architect with a passion for designing furniture and products for the home. 


Says Who

Their style is rooted in the great traditions of Scandinavian design, and its love for simplicity, minimalism and functionality. On one hand they respect their design heritage, and on the other hand, they reinvent it to fit into present time. Designing can be a very strange process. Especially when there are two people involved. It can seem like the most chaotic and crazy thing. Conflicting ideas and odd materials everywhere. But the truth is, that it’s the freedom, chaos and irrational thoughts that bring inspiration to an otherwise quite technical and precise production. “Says Who?” is a question and a bold statement about challenging traditions and expectations.