Virtual Showroom

ENTER Kebe Virtual Showroom

We have created a high-definition, interactive showroom of some of our most popular Recliners, Lounge Chairs and Dining Chairs. This new way of exploration and visualization will allow you to view our products and instantly access detailed information about them in a way that simulates in person shopping experience.

As you walk through the tour you can click on the icon above each chair for a description, photo gallery, specifications as well as all possibilities of covers and colors. Our goal is to provide an immersive product experience that lets you feel the comfort, durability and style of our products.

Our real life showroom is 100 square meters space featuring our elegant collection and you can now experience it as if you were really here! All furniture presented is made in the true Scandinavian tradition with comfort and everyday use being key considerations in its design.
If something catches your eye please contact us through our website or social media accounts and we will find a distributor near you. Enjoy!